Sunday, April 20, 2008

Looking forward to new Projects

Now that the CoPA show is behind us, I'm looking forward to getting outside in the is nice weather and start shooting again.  I couple of themes are emerging and I would like to include something environmental.  I'd like it to be a local project so I can there often but I don't want to location to dictate the theme.  Speaking of environmental, I found this image to be one of those ironies that photographers always seem to find.  This was taken in the Menomonee Valley which is undergoing a resurgence.  It has a way to go as evidenced by this image but they look to rebuild the valley in a sustainable way.

I was happy to see that Mamiya just announced an adapter for their 22 megapixel digital back (ZD) that will fit my RB67.  I purchased the RB67 SD a couple of months ago for a fraction of what they were.  I imagine their value may rise with the announcement of the adapter.  Now, if I could only afford the ZD back.  At a mere $7K, I won't be running out to buy the ZD tomorrow.  No word on the price of the adapter either.

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