Friday, April 18, 2008

DC Metro

For the past couple of days, I was in our nation's capital, Washington, DC.  No, I didn't see the Pope.  But I was able to visit with some old friends in suburban Maryland.  It was great catching up.  I used the DC Metro (subway) to get from my hotel to my friends.  The DC Metro system is wonderful for getting around Washington, DC but it's also a great place to photograph.  The architecture and people make it quite attractive.   With camera in hand, I was able to capture a few images my favorite being posted here.  This is the view from the Glenmont, MD station.  I love the symmetry.  This was handheld so I needed ISO 1600 on my Canon 5D which I processed with Lightroom and Photoshop CS3 using Imagenomic's Noiseware Professional to reduce the noise.

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