Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fisherman's Morning

The final image I will be showing this weekend is one from Legend Lake, WI.  It's just north of Shawano, WI on the Menominee Reservation.  I love this location.  This image captures the essence.  When I'm their, I typically go out fishing, alone, each morning.  When the fish are biting, I fish.  When they're not, I'm photographing the scenes on the lake.  You can tell the fish weren't biting this morning.  A fog began rolling in from the east blurring the sun when I captured this image.  

To me, this image reminds of the that solitude and peacefulness when I'm there.  You can barely hear a sound . . . maybe a loon or two.  Otherwise it's the most relaxing sensation I have ever felt.  I can't wait for summer.  Shortly after I shot this image, the fisherman disappeared into the fog.

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