Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Classic Ford

This weekend I'm back up in Menomonee County at my Legend Lake retreat.  The weather is quite cold but calm.  We were greeted with blue skies and bright sunshine which made the 10 degree temperature feel tolerable.  I was mad at myself for leaving my tripod at home which meant no sunrise or sunset pictures this weekend.  Wouldn't you know it but there were some nice sunrises and sunsets!

I did a little driving around the lake and surrounding areas and came upon this classic old Ford pickup.  Now, I'm not one for knowing the exact year of this model but I do know I can't pass on an opportunity to photograph and old beat up truck with rust and peeling paint.  It just gives us that sentimental feeling of days gone by.  In this case, the way the light was hitting truck really emphasized the rust and textures.  I kept the exposure underexposed by 1.5 stops and added vignette in Photoshop Lightroom

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