Monday, January 25, 2010

Breaking the Rules?

The rules of photography that is.  When should you follow the 'rules' and when are rules made to be broken.  Typically, you would never take a landscape shot like this one and put the horizon in the middle of the image cutting it in half.  More typically, the horizon is found in the lower or upper third.  This is consistent with the photography rule of thirds which divides any images into nine sections.  Images are typically more dramatic if a subject is place in one of the outer thirds rather than smack in the middle.  Normally, I would tend to compose the same way but this image required that I break some of these rules.

The sun and its reflection are pretty much in the middle of the image.  The horizon cuts the image in half.  Yet, I think this image works very nicely because the clouds and their reflections preserve this rule of thirds.   What do you think and why . . . ?

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Jennifer White said...

I agree with you... I think the image screams symmetry due to the reflection in the water. I also believe that it's expected that the rule of thirds be applied but it's the unexpected (your vantage point when taking this) that gives this shot its individuality.