Monday, March 24, 2008

Not Quite Jamaica

Well, yesterday was Easter Sunday and this is the first year in the last eight that we didn't spend Easter in Negril, Jamaica. Instead, we spent the weekend digging out of 15 inches of Easter weekend snow. So Sunday, we needed to spend the day doing something that would refresh our spirits giving us hope that Spring will actually arrive. On the other hand, Wisconsin has been known to jump from winter straight into summer.

So, we decided to head to The domes. How many times have you thought about going there? Everyone I told about the trip said the same thing . . . "I've been meaning to go there sometime" but sadly, they've never been. There are three dome displays, one for the current season so it was filled with tulips, daffodils, azaleas and other typical seasonal flowers. The next dome was the 'Arid' dome filled with cacti and similar specimens. However, the one we like the best was the 'Tropical' dome. Maybe this had something to do with missing Jamaica this spring. The exhibit was wonderful, especially the orchids. I've never seen so many orchids in bloom before. If you haven't been to the Domes, check it out. It's only $5 to get in and gives you the feeling of being resurrected from the long winter . . . one that won't go away here in SE Wisconsin.

The Domes:

0308 Domes 010 0308 Domes 011 0308 Domes 002

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