Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day Two

Day Two

Two days in and it feels like things are settling in.  Everything here is the same and different at the same time.  The grocery stores seem to have all the things we need but with different sizes and packaging than we’re used to.  It’s kind of fun trying to figure it all out.  Bread and cheese are really good even the grocery store branded stuff!  Even in our apartment, figuring out 

Out on the streets there is no doubt who has the right of way . . . bicycles!  They are everywhere and used in all kinds of weather.  This is not your 10-speed Schwinn variety or your hybrid road/mountain bike.  These are more like old school wicked witch of the west type bicylces that take a beating and keep on peddling.  Now, when I cross the road, I have to look at the road and the bike lane.  People on bikes don’t stop for anything except a red light.

The ‘centrum’ or old part of Utrecht is quite nice.  Shops line the Oudergracht or old canal, which is a block from our apartment.  We’ve found some nice cafes, restaurants and just about anything we could want.  Yes and unfortunately, there is even a McDonalds in the city center.  However, the only Starbucks seems to be at the train station which we have yet to visit. 

The people of Utrecht have been very nice . . . and helpful when we need it.  Most folks speak english quite well which is good since we know little dutch.  I am looking forward to making some friends here.

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