Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Koppelpoort - Amersfoort, NL

Well, despite a full day of walking Saturday, we decided on Sunday to go check out the nearby town of Amersfoort.  There an old gate on the west end of the town that was part of the original fortress to protect the city.  It’s called Koppelpoort and dates back to 1425 when it was completed.  I was most interested to see this as we have nothing like it in the U.S., certainly not this age.  It amazes me to see such sites that are nearly 600 years old!  Amersfoort is a city of old vs. new.  The old part of the city is still surrounded by canals and walls offering its protection.  In this case, it’s protection from the modern architecture that exists beyond the old city walls.  Within the walls however, is a very quaint typically dutch down with windy streets and lovely homes.  The town square with it’s tower is quite impressive as well.  We happened to be there on Koopzondag or “Shopping Sunday”.  Once a month, stores are allowed to open on Sunday and this was the day in Amersfoort.  I think the whole town and surrounding community was out roaming a main street like area that was filled with all kinds of shops.  Some are similar to home but most are specialty shops.  We like Amersfoort a lot.  There were some restaurants we’re thinking of visiting sometime soon.

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