Friday, January 28, 2011

Everything . . . It's What's For Dinner

Dinner at Blauw in Utrecht, NL

Tonight we had dinner at Blauw in Utrecht, an Indonesian restaurant.  This was a first for us.  The restaurant was recommended by Jamie’s yoga instructor so she made a reservation and off we went on this Friday night.  The place was upscale but relaxed and as we are finding out, most restaurants are casual when it comes to dress code.  Looking around we saw that most people had all these little plates stacked in front of them.  Looking at the menu (in english!) we gathered that they all ordered rice plates, an assortment of small plates.  So we decided to order two rice plates, one with meat and the other with fish.  Well, they brought some plates, then some more, then even more!  What you see in the image above is the full monty . . . our dinner order.  It was overwhelming to say the least and there was barely enough room to fit our plates on the table.  The food was outstanding!  So many flavors and many we hadn’t had before.  We just about finished everything!  We can’t wait to take family and friends to this place.  In fact, if you check out their website, they show pictures of the patrons when their food is served.  For the next few days, check out the images for Friday the 28th of January!

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