Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A New Website (in progress)

I'm working toward a new website for RJI Photography.  I'm using Photoshelter which is an all inclusive option from archiving to website to storefront and proofing.  Right now, I'm only working on a limited 30 day freebie but I have all the functionality there.  Here's an example of the home page slide show embedded into this blog:

Oak Creek - Images by Bob Israel

This blog can also be integrated into the website navigation so now my blog will be more interactively linked with my website.  I'm really liking the features associated with photoshelter and I'm just getting started.  More to come!


mainfr4me said...

I have been thinking about using them myself for a solution for my own site.

Would you be willing to post up your thoughts?

Bob Israel said...

Like anything, I'm learning how photoshelter has things organized. The themes are fine and offer a few places where you can insert some html (which I know very little about). The key things I love is having an online archive which is separate form you web viewed galleries. The galleries on the website can be public or private and password protected. You can link a blog (mine is in blogger) and the part I will configure later is a storefront to sell images. You can self fulfill or use their vendor (EZ Prints). You can set your own prices and have different price models (fine art vs wedding). The list goes on but this looks to be the best one stop shop I have seen out there so far. This website was achieved in a day!

mainfr4me said...

Very nice!

I need to sit down and play with the three I'm considering - Photoshelter, Smugmug, and Zenfolio. Find which gives me what I want, which sounds very similar to what you are after too.