Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Best of Both Worlds

Anyone who's followed my photography knows that my two most photographed subjects are natural landscapes and urban abandonment or URBEX (urban exploration).  Well, lately I've been at this location just south of Milwaukee where I've been fortunate to have both at my disposal.  I arrive before sunrise and shoot the scenic old piers on Lake Michigan.  Sometimes the power plant to the south makes for an interesting twist to the scene.  Once the sun has risen, I'll climb up the hill from the lakeshore where this wonderful abandoned factory provides all kinds of great opportunities.  Unfortunately, this site is in the process of being torn down for good.  On the one hand, I feel sad that the best of both worlds will disappear for good at this location.  On the other hand, I'm glad I had the chance to document these buildings before they are gone forever.


Usha said...

Love the first one....Lighting looks ethereal.

Anonymous said...

Bob, thanks to Usha, I just found your blog! I've looked at all the recent images from the present back to this one - which stopped me cold! Altho I liked the other images, including the one with the blue moon, and think they are excellent - these two images - together - well, there's something special that grabbed me!

The top one of the abandoned factory - shows pillars still holding up a roof. The next images show pillars that have lost their "roof" and therefore their "purpose in life." And so are rotting away, forgotten, abandoned.

Just as apparently will happen sooner than later to the pillars in the upper image.

A metaphor for our present day deteriorating society? We're losing our pillars that have upheld our civilization, via our Constitution and Bill of Rights - pillars like decency, awareness, helpfulness, sense of community, respect, personal freedom civic order that we impose upon ourselves and not by ruling forces - I could go on and on.


Bob Israel said...

Flo - Thanks for the comments. You hit the nail on the head on the deteriorating society theme. In fact, you would have enjoyed the exhibit I had last year of another abandoned factory titled, "Death of a Revolution." The project ended up depicting another abandoned factory but focused on the human elements remaining that gave a sense of what life was like in this 'blue collar' factory and the industrial revolution. The portfolio sits on my website at

Thanks so much.