Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Different Kind of Photography . . . To Me!

We know there are many different forms of photography. My sweet spot has been landscape and more recently urban and urban decay. Well, this week, a good friend invited me to a Strobist Meetup.

Strobist is defined as getting the light from a source other than the camera. It's anything from an off camera flash or a studio set up of one or more light sources. A strobist meetup is whe you pair 12 or so photographers with 4-6 models and several lighting set ups. At least, this was the case this week at my first meet up.

For whatever reason, I have always been somewhat intimated by flash photography. Typically, I put the flash on my camera and let the flash communicate with the camera to give me the results I expect. I've played soft boxes on my flash and bounce flash but that's been as far as I've gone.

The nice thing about this strobist meetup is that there are several setups there for you to use without having to go through the setup. This meeting had a range of photographers, some first timers like me and others who brought gear for all of us to use. OK, so the lights are set and in walk the models . . . all of them beautiful in their own way, some experienced and others less so (just like us photographers).

Well, we all took turns at different lighting set ups with different models. At first, I was somewhat timid but soon found myself totally enjoying the interaction between model and photographer. I learned a lot that night. I still have a lot to learn but I came away with some images that I personally like and shared with the models who worked as hard as we did.

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