Thursday, March 5, 2009

Signs of Spring

Now that it's March, we quickly start to look for signs of spring.  Of course, here in Wisconsin, that two days of warm weather sometime between now and mid-May.  We can dream though, can't we?

I've been looking through some past images and came upon the image here.  I remember taking it up at Legend Lake, WI where we have a home on the lake.  I used to take many upclose images of small things.  But lately, most of my subjects have been broader landscapes and cityscapes.  I still live to look at images like this because it gives a perspective that we rarely see or take the time to study.  These little mushrooms were growing out of a tree stump.  The mushrooms were less than an inch in diameter each.  It gives you and idea of the tiny details on each mushroom.

Maybe, I'll have to pull out the macro lens as I see signs of spring!

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