Friday, December 19, 2008

South Point Pipes

South Point Pipes, originally uploaded by RJIPhotography.

Long Exposure. I've been playing around with my Singh Ray vari-ND filter for some time now. I gives me a wide range of neutral density settings in a single fllter. I've seen others taking images like the one here but I've longed to put my own stamp on this technique. Exposure was 30 seconds which was long enough to give a dynamic sky and smooth water. I'd like to go further . . . maybe 2-3 minutes and show more movement in the sky.

In this case, I like the mix of industry and nature created by the pipes, the old pier and the stormy skies. The location here is the shore of Lake Michigan, south of Milwaukee. I plan to shoot more like this. Since I'm in Wisconsin, these winter months should offer plenty of similar stormy skies.

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Faeez Jazil said...

I am struck by the beauty that you have captured. I felt elated, refreshed and most of all i felt in line with all the lovely things you put up here. Thank You indeed for an extraordinary exhilarating ride. Cheers.